PUBG Mobile Review

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or commonly referred to as (PUBG), came out in 2017 and spread like a wildfire. Although the concept of PUBG is that of a shooter game, there is a lot of complexity involved.  As the game starts, you find yourself on an island—but not alone.

There are other 99 people to compete with. You have to find a gun and fight, as the last one standing would win.

After a short intro of PUBG, let’s come to our topic. Apart from its game console and desktop version, PUBG is also available on mobile.

In this PUBG mobile review, we will try to find that whether playing this game on mobile offers the same amount of fun. To start with, let’s discuss its features first.

PUBG Mobile Features

Surprisingly, PUBG mobile offers almost the same features as available in its PC version. All the gear, vehicles, and weapons are similar. However, there are a few exceptions. For instances, It offers only the original map named Erangel.

PUBG is free to play, as you can either signup with Facebook or as a guest. The daily loin and Gameplay rewards offer you essential battle points. You can use these points to buy crates offering random clothing for the character.

The game offers a voice chat option for the players, which works with your phone’s mic. It may produce some annoying sounds when the player’s fingers or palm rubs against the phone.

PUBG Mobile Controls

In fact, the controls available with PUBG Mobile are less responsive as compared to its PC counterpart. You play it by using virtual joysticks. The joystick is for controlling the movement of the players and camera angle. When firing with the gun, you have to press the bullet sign.

To make it more responsive, there is an option of floating shoot button. This button adjusts its position at the spot where you previously touched to fire. The game automatically picks up and sort the items, making it possible to start the game in a hassle-free manner.

However, even with the introduction of so much assisting features, the feeling of clumsiness is still there. For instance, vehicles in PUBG mobile are small and easy to miss. You see vehicles lifting people even at the end of this game.

What about Performance

The amazing graphics of PUBG’s PC version is surely the missing element. Don’t expect the outstanding particle and lighting effects. However, there is an obvious reason for this decline in graphics, as these elements require demanding hardware.

This game struggles to load with older android or iOS version. The audio seems to be less clear at times. You would find it difficult to hear the sounds like direction, gunshots, and footsteps. These are the sounds, which you rely on when analyzing the location of your army.

Final Words

The major factors that make PUBG a perfect game on PC are missing. However, it’s a great option for those who haven’t experienced this game on PC. As a whole, it’s a decent game with altogether different shooting experience.