What to Consider When Buying A New Computer

When buying a new computer (PC or Laptop), you need to consider various aspects. The first thing to keep in mind is the cost factor. The next thing relates to the purpose for which you are buying a computer.

With a view to offering proper guidance, we have compiled a list of all the aspects that you must pay heed to when buying a computer.

Laptop or Desktop

This is not about choice, as you need to consider, which machine will serve your better. If your desktop is capable of serving the purpose, there is no need to spend extra amount while purchasing a laptop.

If you have a clear choice, it is possible to make a good deal that may save you a considerable amount. For those, who have a workstation and don’t need to move a lot when working, a desktop will be the best option.


Processor is the brain of a machine. If you want a fast computer, just look for one with maximum processing power. GHz is the basic unit that relates to the processing power of a computer. By knowing the speed of a chip, you can analyze how much data it can process.

Multiple cores are good with multi-tasking. If your work doesn’t involve multitasking, you can settle for two cores. Even the computers with a similar number of cores are not identical, as there is a slight difference when it comes to performance.

So make sure to buy a computer that offers maximum performance with the given number of chips.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

A computer with bigger RAM can handle multitasking at great speed. Processor is the power hub of the computer, and RAM specifications relate to the fact that how much multitasking a computer can handle. Gigabytes is the unit for RAM. Larger the Gigabytes, more efficient the computer will be. Therefore, don’t forget to ask about the RAM when purchasing a new computer.

Hard Drive

Hard drive is the storage compartment of a computer. It is similar to what RAM does, but unlike Ram, hard drive can permanently store a required amount of data. If you want to store a large amount of data like photos and videos, you need a hard drive with a big storage capacity.

Operating System

Operating system is the key element of a computer, it allows you to interact with the computer. There are different operating systems including Windows, Linus, and Mac. If you have used these OS options, it is easy for you to choose between them. Mac is an OS specifically designed for Apple computers. If you are buying an Apple computer, make sure you know how to use such a system. This is so, as you can’t swap any other OS with your Apple computer.


A display is another aspect that you should consider when buying a computer. Make sure to ask about the graphics card inserted into the motherboard of a computer. If it is higher-performing, it will display crisp and more refined graphics.

The graphics card has its own RAM and if it is capable of handling the intense graphics, it will load them quicker. The processing speed of the card is also the key factor that affects the computer’s performance when it comes to graphics.

PC for Gaming

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can’t just buy any computer. Rather, you need a high-performance computer with a big hard drive and a fast processor. You may also need a dedicated graphics card and some other accessories.